Our platform that will bring together strategy masters. It allows you to earn income while racing your experiences and strategies.
Our main games include:
Chess: Chess, which comes to mind first when it comes to strategy game, has been the favorite game of many strategy geniuses throughout its 4000-year history. The game of kings is in the head corner of our application.
Go: Originating in Asia, this game requires high strategy skill and a broad view of the game.
Checkers: Checkers is one of our main games, which is both fun to watch and play, which makes great comebacks possible when we say it's over.
Tic-Tac-Toe: This game, which we think will be the favorite of our users who want a fast game, will be with you with the beta version.
Snakes and Ladders (2 players only): board game for two players regarded today as a worldwide classic.
The primary goal of our team is to provide you with a fair platform. For this, in the first stage, we removed games such as backgammon, which are strategy-based and can also affect the luck factor, from our game pool. In the following stages, we can add games such as backgammon and Ludo to our game pool according to the feedback.
Last modified 6mo ago